The benefits of flat pack crates

These days, everything comes flat packed. Kitchens, beds, dining sets, anything that’s a bit bulky – you can get it flat packed! Ready-to-assemble, flat pack crates are a convenient and easy way to store, perfect for assembling onsite. These crates are perfect for any modern business looking to minimise space and minimise clutter.


Our pallets and crates for sale

At Express Pallets & Crates, we offer a wide range of crates and pallets, including flat pack crates custom designed to suit your varying sizes and styles, ensuring your goods are safe during transit. Our crates and pallets for sale will fit all of your needs as we have the ability to customise our products to suit. Our team are happy to assist  in ensuring that your products are shipped and stored safely and securely both domestically and internationally.


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Looking for flat pack crates for your business? Express Pallets & Crates are a Brisbane based manufacturer who can help you create any size crate that you can imagine. Call our representatives on (07) 3204 0764 to discuss your needs or fill out an online enquiry form  today!