Having our own manufacturing facilities and a dedicated sawmill means we have the flexibility to create a wide range of specialty products for a number of different applications and industries.

Our specialty products include:


Custom Designs

Custom designed and manufactured pallets can be built to handle oversize or overweight products. After you provide us with dimension and weight details, we work with you to produce CAD drawings that suit the intended application. These drawing are provided for approval prior to manufacture.
Your CAD drawings are stored for easy reference to ensure our ability to create the identical design for future orders.


Air Freight Pallets

Pallets that are suitable for transporting fruit by air.


Reel Plugs

Our CNC router is capable of producing a wide range of sizes of reel plugs for the paper industry throughout Australia and overseas. The system has capabilities to produce an extensive range and variety of items from MDF and Particleboard.


Pipe Retainers

Grooved bearers (gluts) enable loads to be secured with poly or steel strapping.
Available in a variety of lengths widths and thicknesses. This type of Dunnage is an ideal method for supporting and securing light and heavy loads where the use of a traditional pallet is not feasible.
Scalloped bearers also available are specifically used for retaining pipes during transport and storage.


Fruit or Vegetable Crates

Manufactured primarily to customer requirements. Crates can be pre-assembled or flat pack to reduce transport costs.

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