Flat Pack Crates

The benefits of flat pack crates

In today’s modern world, it seems almost everything is available in flat pack form. Kitchens, beds, dining sets…anything that’s a little bulky – you can get it flat packed!

The benefit of our flat packed crates is you save on shipping and freight. As the crates can be flat packed, you can fit more into a single delivery.

Storage space, together with wasted materials and inventory is often an ongoing hurdle for many businesses. Flat pack crates can be an extremely effective solution to minimise waste and free up valuable storage space for businesses, occupying only a fraction of the space as that used for assembled crates.

Our ready-to-assemble, flat pack crates are a convenient and perfect for assembling on-site. Flat pack crates are perfect for any modern business seeking to minimise space and clutter.

Our pallets and crates for sale

At Express Pallets & Crates, we offer a wide range of crates and pallets, including flat pack crates custom designed to suit your varying needs.

We have crates and pallets to suit all your needs, with the added ability to customise our products to suit. Our team are happy to assist in ensuring your products are shipped and stored safely and securely, both domestically and internationally.